Wednesday, 5 Oct. 2016


Morning meditation



Elaine Graham (University of Chester, UK): Public Theology and Education. Exploration of a Multidimensional Relationship (Chair: Johannes Lähnemann)


Paper session I

Ia. Peter Schreiner (Director of the Comenius Institute, MĂĽnster, Germany): The Comenius Institute - Promoting Educational Discourse and Practice in the Framework / Spirit of Public Theology (Chair: Henrik Simojoki)

Ib. Bernhard Grümme (University of Bochum, Germany): Educational Justice as Subject Matter of a Public Religious Pedagogy (Chair: Florian Höhne)

Ic. Thomas Schlag (University of Zurich, Switzerland): Public Education and the Public Church (Chair: Thomas Wabel)

Id. Liam Gearon (Oxford University, UK): The Politicization and Securitization of Religion in Education. A Response to a Rejoinder (Chair: Andreas Nehring)


Coffee Break


Paper session II

IIa. Mouhanad Khorchide (University of Münster, Germany): Islamic Contributions to the Common Good of Public Education (Chair: Manfred Pirner)    

IIb. Bernd Schröder (University of Goettingen, Germany): Public Religious Pedagogy and Interreligious Learning (Chair: Florian Höhne)

IIc. Willem Fourie (University of Pretoria, South Africa): Leadership Development in a Professional Context – A Field for Public Theology? (Chair: Thomas Wabel)

IId. Sebastian Kim (York St John University, UK): The Biblical Wisdom Tradition for Public Theology and Its Consequences for Public Education (Chair: Andreas Nehring)


Lunch break


Paper session III

IIIa.  Jenny Berglund (Södertörn University, Sweden): Islamic Education in Europe, an opportunity for equal rights or a way to control Islam? (Chair: Werner Haussmann)

IIIb. Henrik Simojoki (University of Bamberg, Germany): Falling Through the Net. The Digital Divide as a Challenge for Global Learning and Religious Education (Chair: Susanne Schwarz)

IIIc. Katie Day (Lutheran College of Philadelphia, USA): Public Theology and Public Education in the City (Chair: Johannes Lähnemann)

IIId.  Annette Scheunpflug (University of Bamberg): The Contributions of Christian Schools to the Common Good (Chair: Manfred Pirner)


Paper session IV

IVa. Bruce Grelle (California State University, Chico, USA): Religious Studies in Public Education: Promoting Appreciative an Critical Perspectives on Self, Society and Nature (Chair: Manfred Pirner)

IVb. Johannes Lähnemann (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany): The Contribution of Interreligious NGOs and Initiatives to Public Education (Chair: Werner Haussmann)

IVc. Florian Höhne (University of Bamberg): "You shall not make to you any graven image." The Culture of Images in the Media and Public Religions - from a Public Theology Perspective (Chair: Thomas Wabel)

IVd. Andreas Nehring (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg): Engaged Buddhism – Public Theology in Practice (Chair: Henrik Simojoki)


Coffee break


Poster presentation and talks with young researchers (“God Parent supported Gallery Walk”) Chair: Florian Höhne & Susanne Schwarz


Opening celebration of the “Research Unit for Public Religion and Education" (RUPRE)
(Forschungsstelle für Öffentliche Religionspädagogik) - Reception with fingerfood and drinks


Optional: Guided Exploration of the Ancient City of Nuremberg